Shopping Day

Today was our final day in Guatemala.  We went shopping in the beautiful city of Antigua.  Many enjoyed eating at Pollo Camperos, especially the helados (ice cream).  We are all showing off our amazing buys and getting ready for our final group devotions tonight.  Please pray for the group tonight that we will experience Christ in amazing ways.  Thanks for following along with us this week and please pray for safety in our travels tomorrow.

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Medical Clinic #2

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Medical Clinic #1

We are back from our first medical clinic, it’s 10:30.  What an awesome night.  We went to a squatter’s village about 1 1/2 hours away. There were only supposed to be 10 families there, but it lasted 4 hours.  We were at the end of a paved dead end street.  We did sidewalk chalk, colored, painted nails, played card matching games, jump rope and threw frisbees.  Not a lot of space, but it worked.  The clinic was set up outside in someone’s yard.

3 team members gave their testimonies and many people came forward to accept Christ.  Praise the Lord!

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Dedication Day

What a mighty God we serve!  Today all 5 families accepted Christ!  We just got back to the base after a very long, but good day.  Lots of praying, crying and praising God.  Many firecrackers went off today because of New Life (in Christ).  We are eating supper and soon will have great group devotions – God sightings.  We had many of those today.  Looking forward to a good night’s sleep before we prepare for medical clinics the next two nights.

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Building Day 2

Today we went back to Chuaquenoon and put stucco on all 5 houses.  We hung the doors, windows and made the awnings over the porches.  5 of the ladies went with Erin VO to visit a girl named Maria.  She had a bus run over her leg a few months ago and had surgery on it.  She hasn’t walked since, but we brought her a walker and showed her some things she could do for physical therapy (thank you Bonny).  Dan Smith, Glen and Dave are doing a fine job driving all 34 of us around.  We enjoyed Dominos Pizza for supper!  Please pray for our dedications tomorrow afternoon.  That all will accept Christ.

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Building Day 1

Today we got a long way on building our 5 houses.  It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed the view of Lake Atitlan.  Some of the families were eager to help us build and very excited about seeing their new homes go up.  They even let off a lot of firecrackers when we first got there and we all clapped.  Some of the team members got to visit the homes they built last year in this village.  One of the ladies was still very moved and incredibly thankful for her house.  She gives all glory to God!  We started building relationships and had fun playing with the kids and singing spanish songs with them.

We just enjoyed a delicious dinner of potato soup and homemade apple pie and peanut butter cookies!  Now we are looking forward to our group devotions with 35 people around the circle.

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We have arrived …

The group from Allendale and part of Iowa have arrived so far.  No problems getting through customs.  The rest of Iowa will be here around 8:00 pm.  We are busy unpacking, eating sandwiches, touring the orphanage and enjoying the view.  Thanks for the prayers – keep them coming!

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