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  1. Jane Calhoun says:

    Hi kiddo! Wanted to be the first to catch you on your blog! Hope all goes well and can’t wait to hear your stories! Love ya and God Bless

  2. Debbi Rountree says:

    Hey, how did my sister beat me to my daughter’s blog? I must be slowing down. Seriously, I can’t wait to read your blog every day, to see what God is doing in your life. I know that you will do a great job, no matter what He has planned for you. You are an inspiration to me. Love you so much! Mom.

  3. Donna Di Bitonto says:

    Hi Jamie, have no idea what you are doing at the moment, but would love to know as it sounds very exciting! Hope you enjoy yourself and stay safe. God Bless. From Donna (Australia)

  4. Angie Kinney says:

    Hey Jamie!!! Love what you are doing!!! so proud of my little cousin!! 🙂 May God be with you through this; I will pray for a safe journey home!!! love you!!!

  5. Kevin says:


    T-minus 13 hours until you leave. Super proud of you and look forward to seeing what God does in your heart and the hearts of the people you touch… Remember it is ILLEGAL to bring home a baby.. Don’t forget

  6. Jaimy says:

    You are on your way!!!!!! Make sure to enjoy every minute of this trip I am sure you will come back a changed person!!!!! Also don’t listen to Kevin go ahead and take a little one back with ya!!!!! HA

  7. Jamie Curtis says:

    Well we finally made it to the beautiful country of Guatemala. Even thought the roads to the camp were quite interesting the views took our minds off of them. We are resting up tonight and will be up at 5 am to make the trek to the village to startt building the houses. Thankful for all of the prayers. They are certainly felt.

    Makenna~ Mommy loves you annd hopes you had a fabulous day!
    Kaden~ I love you and hope your cough is getting better.
    Kenedie~ I love you and missed seeing your beautiful face this morning when I left.
    Kevin~ I love you lots and hope your second day went well. Thanks for being the best!!

  8. Pam Curtis says:

    Hey: You are probably there already. Just wanted you to know that the kids had a good day at school and pre school. Here is Makenna, Tori and Elli.

    I Hope you’re Having A Great time There love you aunt Jamie LOVE ELLI

    I miss you mommy. Have a great time. I love you. Love Makenna.

    Is it hot there? I miss you Aunt Jamie. Hope everything goes great. LOVE TORI.

  9. Pam Curtis says:

    Hi mommy. This is Kenedie: I love you. I miss you. Hurry home. Love, Kenedie

  10. Pam Curtis says:

    Hi mommy. This is Kaden. I miss you and hope you come home soon. Love you mommy. Bye Kaden

  11. Kevin says:

    Well, I made it home…. A little earlier than we all thought so the kids are home sleeping. I gave in and let Kaden sleep on the floor in the girls rooms. They are getting better and only had a few coughs tonight. Makenna was crying for you tonight but did better after we talked through it and prayer for you all. My spreadsheet is printed off and Makenna’s lunch is packed for the morning, so I think I will make it through the day. 🙂 I have two alarms set for tomorrow morning and that does not include Kaden as my third. Good luck tomorrow and we will talk soon.. Love ya and am proud of you..

  12. Debbie Cowling says:

    Glad to hear things are off to a good start! We will be praying for you all week, and for Kevin too! You are going to be a huge blessing to the people of Guatemala, and they are going to bless you too. Looking forward to following your adventures!

  13. Kris Doornbos says:

    Hey Jamie,
    Hope you are enjoying the warm weather and having a great time.
    We’re praying for you, see you soon.

  14. Your sista Jen says:

    Hi cutie!!! I’m SO proud of you and can’t wait to hear about your amazing trip. I know God is gonna touch you deeply and is gonna use to powerfully. Love ya!

  15. Kristen L. Kinney says:

    My favorite cousin,

    When I think of you I think of an innocent angel that was placed her by Our Father to set an example of what we all should be. I am so proud to say you are my family. Grandad is smiling down on you and who you are as a mother, wife, daughter, grandaughter sister, aunt, niece and friend, but even more importantly, a Christian. I love and admire your faith, beauty and love. Be safe and continue to spread the love!

  16. Your sista Jen says:

    I just had to add… I totally think you should come home with a baby!!! 😉

  17. Michelle Thurkettle says:

    Hi Jamie, just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and praying for you!!

  18. Chris says:

    HEY praying for you and all the great stuff you will be a part of!

  19. Sandy Marsman says:

    We are so glad you made it safely! Praying for your first day tomorrow. It will be amazing to say the least! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  20. Debbi Rountree (mom) says:

    So glad to hear that you made it safely. The mom in me thought about you all day yesterday. Can’t wait to see you when you get home and hear all about your mission. I know the kids miss you, but they are very well taken care of. They have nana and papa. I know I’ve already said it, but we are so proud of you. You have definitely moved out of your comfort zone and into God’s work. Thank you for being such a great daughter, wife, and mom. I love you so much.

  21. Amy Brandon says:

    Good morning, Jamie!! So glad to hear that you’re there safe and sound! We will be praying for you this week ~ you are such a blessing to so many! Have a great day today!!

  22. Jane Calhoun says:

    Good morning on your second day in Guatemala! Hope you have a blessed day and I know that you will be a blessing to whomever you work with. Thinking of you and praying too! Love ya!

  23. Kevin says:

    Hey Babe… Well I got the home under control for my first day back from training. Kenna is off to school, she misses you a lot. Good luck today. The Passat is done and it was a $8 part. I have to go pick it up today with my dad.

    Kenedie – she is off to the bath tub, surprise surprise. She said she loves you and misses you big-time.

    Kaden- he said he loves you and misses you.

    Ok, I am really annoyed with Kaden waking up in the middle of the night. I usually sleep right through it but not when you are gone. I went to bed at 10 and he was up and midnight, 4am, 5am, 6am… So when are you coming home????? JK. He did have a cough so maybe that is why. Love ya and look forward to hearing from you.

  24. Jamie Curtis says:

    So we just got back from our first day in the village and got the walls up for the house. We are building 5 houses this week and tomorrow we start the stuccoing. It was an amazing day filled with awe driving though the most beautiful country. Makenna there are even valcano’s here. There is no real point trying to explain the roads into the village, but let’s just say they are quite adventurous. On the way home, up the steapest hill we drove on, we got stuck annd all had to climb in the back of the van. Greg Zost even climbed on the bumper. With prayer and extra weight we made it up.

    I miss you guys much but the phrase that keeps running through my head is “What is the point of all of this if I don’t let it change me”!!!

    Thanks for your prayers and talk again later!
    Love you Kevin, Makenna, Kaden, and Kenedie!!!

  25. Kevin says:

    That is an amazing point. It brings a smile to my face just wondering and thinking about how much this trip is going to change you.. I am praying for you all day long and even though this family is not nearly the same without you we will be patient for you to be home and let God do his work. Look to him when you are happy, look to him when you are sad, and look to him when you are scared and I will do the same. Love you, enjoy the night and try not to out snore the rest of the team. J/K. Your the best and we are doing good here and the kids are getting healthier. Love ya.


  26. Barbara Van Wagoner says:

    Glad you made it. I am so jealous. I am sure you are staying at the base where the orphange is. Isn’t the view from there just breath taking. Though most mornings were foggy and we could not see the volocano. I do know what you are talking about when you talk about the roads. Can’t complain about ours anymore. Can’t wait to hear more. Blessings

  27. Kevin says:

    Hey Jamie.. Quick question for you…. Did you bring the Valentines Day snacks to school already? There is candy in a bag above the refrigerator and I am not sure where & when I am supposed to take it. Let me know if you get a chance. Thanks


  28. Ethan says:

    Hi Aunt Jamie,
    Greyson is doing great. I love and miss you. Hope you are having a good time in Guatemala.

  29. Amy Brandon says:

    Sounds like your first day was eventful, Jamie!! Can’t wait to hear all about the work you are doing ~ pray for you and the whole team throughout the day and know that God is with you and guiding you! Have a great day today ~ can’t wait for you to get back!! I can’t seem to find my way to the gym unless I know you’re going to be there!! 😉 ~Amy

  30. Kevin says:

    Dear mommy just to let you know you left the cloths here for the kids in Guatemala. How many houses have you built so far? I miss you tons but we are all doing well. I am feeling a lot better. I cant wait to see you at the airport. Love ya tons.. ~Makenna

    Well, we made it through the night with Kaden only wake up once and I had to get all the kids up @ 7am. I am thankful for that since I was up past midnight studying. Have a great day. We are proud of you and are waiting patiently for you to come home and make this family whole again.. Love ya, Secret Agent Curtis….

  31. Mike J says:

    Jamie – We are praying for you guys! Don’t worry, you can’t fight the change in you, its much stronger than you are!

  32. Jane Calhoun says:

    Hi sweetie! Hope you’re doing well today. Believe me – it’s colder than crap here – so you’re lucky to be where it’s warm. Grandma is doing amazing – as usual. She just doesn’t let anything get her down. Sooooo – when did you learn to use a hammer? Just kidding. I have always wanted to do something like that (follow in my dad’s footsteps) so I am kind of jealous of you right now. But I’ll get over it! ;O) Have a great day honey and we’re thinking of you and your group and praying! Love ya!

  33. Jaimy says:

    Hey Jamie ~It sounds like you are having a great time already and I am sure you will have many more to come!!!!! We are praying for you and the whole team continue to do great work for the kingdom!!!!! Love, The Stevens
    P.s. You have such a goofy husband who I am sure is bringing a smile to your face with his silly comments!!!! He is making us laugh!!!!!! Looking forward to mare updates!!!!

  34. Pam Curtis says:

    Hey hope your day was great. Anxious to read what you will write tonight. Good day with the family. The twins came after pre school and stayed till after dinner. Kenna and Kevin came for dinner. Dad took Kevin out to pick up his car. The kids seem to be feeling better and Makenna says every day that she wishes today was Tuesday. Next Tuesday of course. You are missed and loved by all. Sleep with the angels. (As Bella would always say)

  35. Kevin says:

    Hey babe… Hope you had a great day today. Overall it was good here. The kids are getting better, a blessing for sure. Got some good studying in today while the twins were at school and then they went over to my parents house for the afternoon. They have been a big help… Sure is a lot easier when you are home though. I miss you big time and look for to next week. So how much sleep are you getting? I am sure you all are whooped when you get home for the day. I look forward to hearing all about your day on the blog. Love ya and talk with ya soon.


  36. Kevin says:

    Jamie… Makenna prayed for you tonight before bed and she asked God to help change you to be the person God wants you to be.. All by herself. ~no pressure now~
    Love ya

  37. Jamie Curtis says:

    So today was an even greater day and I really didn’t think it could get any better. We started out at 5:30 again and had some breakfast and devo time. Another 2 hour drive to the village and we were at it again. Today was a little different because when we were done with the stucco job, the ladies got the chance to spend a good amount of time with the beautiful children. They are ADORABLE!!!! After playing and singing with them, a few of us ladies had the chance to visit the most beautiful 16 girl I have ever seen. This past Oct she was run over by a bus and most of her right leg was injured. It looked so painful and we went with the nurse to check up on her. Her amazing smile lit up the room. Even while doing her therapy she smiled so bright. Come to find out last year Paradise Bound built her family a house and the entire family excepted Christ. True God moment!!!

    Tomorrow we finish their house and will be dedicating 5 houses and then having a fiesta!!!

    Kevin, this moring after searching for something I found your letter that you hid!!! I love you and miss you tons. Sorry to say I have a new boyfriend though. He is 9 and his name is Isreal. Just kidding! Tell the kids I love and miss them so much. The valentines candy is on the top of the fridge. Can’t wait to see you all on Tuesday. When do you plan to take your exam? Let me know so I can pray for you!!!!

  38. Kevin says:

    Good to see you or atleast your words… I am so happy you are having a great time. My plans for the health exam is for Monday. Still have a lot of work to do though. love ya

  39. Katie Bennett says:

    Hi Jamie!
    So very proud of you and enjoying reading your updates!! Maybe we can do something like this together in the future…I would love it. Lots of prayers for you and Kevin and the kiddos too! Sounds like they are doing great though. Lots of changes happening for you guys…God is so good!
    Love you,

  40. The Snips says:

    Hi Jaime,

    Glad to hear things are going well. Hearing your story about the van gettIng stuck on the hill brings me right back to my trip last year! We’ll be praying that the dedications go well tomorrow. Should be an amazing time.

    Take care,

    Ryan & Lexi

  41. Kristen L. Kinney says:

    You are truly doing amazing things and spreading your love all around the world. Had dinner tonight with your parents. We have someone for you to meet when you come home. Love you, be safe and keep shining!

  42. Sharla Joslyn says:

    Hey Jamie! I’m sorry this took me too long to write to you but I am so excited 🙂 for you! I knew God would show you amazing things and use you in mighty ways! We will be praying for dedication day and I can’t wait to hear how this day will touch your life and the lives of all around you! So happy you listened to God and went! Love ya, Sharla

  43. Sandy Marsman says:

    I am so excited to hear how dedication day goes tomorrow! Praying for your team and all of the village people to be filled with the Holy Spirit! It will be the most amazing day ever. We can’t wait to hear all about it. I have chills reading all of your posts, brings back amazing memories! You are such a blessing to everyone there! Love ya!!

  44. Debbi Rountree (mom) says:

    Thought about you again this morning when I woke up. I am so thrilled to read about your “adventures”. I knew that God would use you in ways that you could never imagine. I know that you are a blessing to all in Guatemala. You have an awesome husband (yes Kevin, I just said that). I love you all so much. My grandkids are very blessed to have outstanding Christian parents. Can’t wait to hear about your mission when you get home. We met Sydney last night. What a wonderful young lady. She is beautiful and has a very outgoing personality. We talked to Angie last night and told her how we respected that decision she made all those years ago. She is very loved by her adoptive family.
    Have a great day today. Love and miss you!

  45. Jamie Curtis says:

    Good Morning!!! We are getting ready to leave for the village and dedicate the homes today. A few of us woke up not feeling so well, but Dan gave us an antibiotic that should take care of it. I am already feeling better. Praying for these families to accept Christ today and to be left with a hope. Can’t wait to spend time with the kids again. They are doing a great job of filling my heart with love and helping me to not miss my kiddos too much. Don’t get me wrong, I miss them dearly, but I know they have all the love they need and more.

    Makenna, Kaden, and Kenedie~ Mommy misses you tons and can’t wait to hug you. Today we get to have a fiesta with the families with a pinata!!!! These kids love their candy.

    Kevin~ I love you tons and am so thankful that you encouraged me to do this. You are such a blessing and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Greg is keeping me in line and picking on me just so I can feel like I am at home. Love you babe!!!

  46. Kevin says:

    Hope you are feeling better…..

  47. Sarah Albachten says:

    Hope you’re having an amazing experience down there! Praying for you!! (=

  48. Kevin says:


    Hope your day went as good as the previous ones have.. The kids are over @ Tori & Eli house for the evening, Makenna was so excited to see them. It was if she hadn’t seen them in a month or so. I am off to help my wonderful chef friend wow all the people at church. Never thought I would be going to a Valentines day dinner without you. At least I have Jeff to keep me company. Cant wait to hear how your day went today. I prayed for you guys all day long. Talk with ya soon. By the way, is your neck starting to twitch because of withdraws from FB… JK, just need to give you a hard time.. Love ya tons and talk with ya soon.

  49. Scott MacDonald says:

    Jamie, I hope it is going good for you and all of the team, tell Greg, Nancy and the Shaw’s I said hello. I imagine by now you’ve dedicated the houses and I hope you’ve had one of the closest to God experiences you could ever imagine, but it still gets better. I’ve been praying for all of you. Have a great time and let Dan know I’ll be back next year, but only if I can drive.

  50. Jamie Curtis says:

    Wow what an amazing day!!! We finished up the houses by painting and decorating them. Aftert hat the real amazing part started. Our house was the first to be dedicated. We started by showering them with the tons of gifts we brought them. The little girl who was 9 loved all of her clothes and new hair things. After that Dan and Hermano Jesus presented the family with their bibles and and the gospel. For most families it was the first time they had ever heard about Jesus dying for us. Absolutely an amazing experince to watch this family ask Jesus into their hearts. After our house we had 4 more to go. I beleive we started about 1:30 and ended about 6:00. While the familes were in the houses being presented the gospel the rest of the teams surrounded the house in prayer and song. Can’t even describe the spiritual battle that we came in contact with. When the night was done and all five families (close to 25 people) accepted Christ, we had a fiesta. Firecrackers and a pinata!!!

    Anyway, I miss you all and can’t wait to share more of the stories. Tomorrow is our first medical clinic.

    Love you tons Kevin, Makenna, Kaden, and Kenedie!!!
    Kevin I can’t wait for you to experience this sometime soon!!! :0)

  51. Debbi Rountree (mom) says:

    What an awesome day! God is using you in so many ways! It sounds like an amazing experience. I know that many lives are being blessed, both physical and most importantly, spiritually through your work. Love you!

  52. Jamie Curtis says:

    Good morning again!!! Woke up earlier than “the knock” so I have a little bit more free time. I just wanted to thank eveyone for writing to me on here. It has been such a blessing to be able to come back from a long day and hear from you all. Makenna I hope you had a great week at school and had fun with T&E last night. Guess what? You just have to get through the weekend and two school day and mommy will be home. I cannot wait to see your beautiful face. Kaden I hope that you have been sleeping better for daddy. We both know he doesn’t do good being woke up at night. If I hear you sleep all the way till morning in you bed maybe I will bring you a special treat. I love you my little man!!! Kenedie, I bet you had a great week and some fun times at preschool. Next preschool day is your valentines party and guess what else….Mommy comes home that day. I miss you princess. Tell Makenna that the girl that I built the house for loved the hair things and clothes that I got from both of your closets!!! I can’t wait to see you all onTuesday night. Monday mommy gets to go shopping and by you all some presents!!!!!

    Kevin, I hope things are going well (which I am sure they are) and you had fun with the awesome Chef Jeff last night. I cannot wait to get back and tell you all about this trip. Make sure Makenna knows that God IS changing me into who he wants me to be. I love you tons and again miss you lots. You will get a kick out of this….after the first day on the site I got back and took a shower. After I got out I realized I had a tan line accross my forehead from my head band. Nice huh? Also Denise has a nice picture of me in front of the bano (potty) so that I could show you what we have been peeing it. Honestly I would take it over a portapotty any day!!!

    Anyways, breakfast is ready. I love and miss you all. I can’t wait for the hugs and kisses I will get Tuesday night!!!

  53. Kevin says:

    Hey babe..
    I am glad to see that yesterday went so well.. That is amazing stuff and cant wait to hear more when you get home. Last night was a lot of fun, tons of people were there and many asked about you. I sat with Jeff, Amy, Wes, Chelsea, Ryan & Lexi. Jeff did a great job with all the food. The kids have a little cabin fever today. We may try to go doing something this afternoon for a while, not sure what though. Probably go to Yesterdogs for dinner, maybe Adobe’s, IHOP, Taco Bobs, Olive Garden or any other of your favorite restaurants. JK. We prayed for you for your today as a family around 12:15pm, maybe you guys needed some at that time. We all love ya tons and will see ya soon.


  54. Lynn Albachten says:

    So excited to hear all the good things that you are experiencing in Guat. We are all praying for you and for those you are blessing. God is good, all the time. I am so glad you allowed God to take ahold of your heart and lead you to Guatemala. He is working miracles you don’t even realize in you and the others you are with. Enjoy the medical clinic. I painted Sarah’s nails today for the dance tonight and I was praying for you and think of you painting the nails of sweet, beautiful young girls at the clinic. Bless you my friend!

  55. Lori Bond says:

    Can’t wait to hear all your stories when you get back. We have been thinking of you and your adventure! Jeff said reading these blogs are bringing back many memories of his time there last year.

  56. Amy Brandon says:

    Wow, Jamie!! I am so glad that you were able to take this trip (physically and spiritually) and can’t wait to hear directly from you next week all that you have experienced!! Had a great time with your hubby, Chelsea and Wes, Lexi and Ryan, and Jeffrey last night ~ we were discussing next Friday’s menu!! :o) Will continue to pray for you and the entire team until you all get home! Miss you!!

  57. Kevin says:

    Love ya Jamie… Kids just got down to Bed. Makenna got to go to Chuckee Cheese with Brielle tonight, she was sooooo excited. The twins don’t know she went their though. Just got them all down to bed and they are very quiet, not a surprise since it is 9:30. We all miss you, Kenna has the count down going on and Kenendie keeps telling me that you are coming home on the day of her Valentines day party and Kaden, well all he does is beg me to sleep in the girls room, and little does he know I am stronger than he is…. We are doing well but I cant wait to have you home. Ryan made a comment to me last night asking how it feels to be back in college again and Wes starting laughing hysterically…. Then he replied that I NEVER studied this much when I was in college.. That was very true and no wonder why, this sucks… Oh well, its only for a short time and will be well worth it.. Love ya and look forward to reading how your day went. Have a great night and well shall “blog” with it each another day.


  58. Jaimy says:

    Hey Jamie~ Love reading the updates I really wish that I could be there!!!!! Maybe next year!!! It sounds like you are having an amzing experience and hope that this continues to impact your life!!!!I will keep you updated on how good Kevin does with the hair and outfits tomorrow at church!!!HA Continue to change the many lives around you!!!!!
    P.s. I am a little jealous that you have tan lines:) no matter where they are!!!!!
    Luv ya Jaimy

  59. Jamie Curtis says:

    Well we just got back from our first day of medical clinics. It was a comepletely different day than the last three, but just as powerful. I got to spend lots of time playing with the kids and painting the little girls nails. I did get into a fight with the nail polish and well lets just say the nail polish won. Later on I moved onto helping out with the meds, and Greg picked on me the whole time!!!!!! Then after dinner they played the Jesus movie and we sang for them and some shared their testimonies. Wow! Again it was amazing!!!! After Hermano Jesus preached his aweseomeness the mojority of the village came forward to accept Christ. A few minutes after that there was one guy that Hermano Jesus was talking to and we were all praying for him during that time. He knelt on the ground and asked Christ into his heart. Probably oneof the most powerful moments of the week for me!!!

    Will write again in the am cause more people want to use the computer.
    Love you all!!!!

    Oh and I did get to hold a 4 or 5 week old baby tonight. Kevin you are in trouble!!!!

  60. Jamie Curtis says:

    Beautiful Sunday morning!!!! The sun is out and it is absolutely amazing! We are hanging around base today until after lunch. We will go to our second medical clinic this afternoon and from what Dan said it is a larger village than last night so we may be there even later. I am just going to enjoy our last day out in the villages and try to soak it up as much as possible. Tomorrow we go to Antigua for some shopping and yummy food. The food all week has been wonderful and so delicious. Kevin you talk about all the restaurants you want but we have the authenic stuff here!!! YUM!!!! I hope you all have a great morning and day praising God. Makenna only two more big sleeps and mommy will be home!!! I can’t wait to shop and find some fun stuff for you guys.

    Have a great day and see you all soon! Thanks for the prayers!

  61. Sharla Joslyn says:

    Hi Jamie! I am so enjoying reading about all your experiences and living the whole mission trip through you guys! So wish I could be there, but I praise God you are experiencing His holiness and mercy through this entire experience! Can’t wait to hear more details! Makenna had lots of fun last nightwith us at Chuck E. Cheese’s (we celebrated Klaysens birthday) and we enjoyed having her with us! I know she misses her mommy but she is trying to be strong (so is your hubby)! We will be praying through your last medical clinic! Love you girl!

  62. Char Dubois says:

    Hi Jamie –
    I sure wish I were there with you guys! Glad to hear your experience has been awesome. I have been thinking of you and praying for you.
    Char Dubois

  63. Jaimy Stevens says:

    Hello lady~
    I am here to report that the Sunday morning hair looked great!!!! Kevin texted me before church explaining that you took the only blow dryer so Mckennas hair might not look so great but he flat ironed Kenedie and tried to flat iron Mckenna WET hair!!!! Yikes I told Mckenna to NEVER EVER let her dadddy take something hot to her wet hair!!!! haha I probably should not have told you that Sorry Kevin!!!!! But I do think it is cute that he tried!!!! What a great hubby and daddy you guys have!!!! It sounds like this has been such an awsome experience thus far and you will have some great stories to tell when you get back!!!! The shopping sounds like fun to me I am sure you will find many fun things!!!!! Remeber I like presents its my love laungage!!JK! Continue to enjoy your time away not long now utntil you will be back in your families arms cuddling them all and I am sure you will be a refreshed mommy and wife!!!
    Love, Jaimy

  64. Pam Curtis says:

    Hi mommy I miss you very much. Are you having a good time? Me and Nana are making a homemade rug for the tree house made out of t shirts. I went to Chuck E Cheese for Klaysen’s birthday party. I can’t wait to see you at the airport. I will see you on Tuesday. Love Makenna.

  65. Kevin says:

    Ya Ya Ya….. Never straighten wet hair… Thanks Jaimy. It was cool to see her hair sizzle though.. Love ya babe.

  66. Debbi Rountree (mom) says:

    Can’t wait to hear all about your trip. You’ve had an amazing time. I am so excited about how God is working in your life. You have an amazing husband, too. I love you all and can’t wait to see you. Hopefully will get to see you before we leave.

  67. Pam Curtis says:

    Hey Jamie: Praying for your last couple days. Kenedie can not wait for her Valentine’s party because that is the day her mommy comes home. (Oh I feel sorry for her teacher that day.)

    Your family and the VanderVeen’s came over after church for monkey bread and egg casserole. Your kids stayed after so Kevin could get back to studying and we went to Goodwill and bought t shirts and learned how to make a rug on a loom made out of a hula hoop. We actually finished it and we had a blast.

    Now on to home made pizza which of course all the kids had to help. It is in the oven and Makenna is waiting for your next post. They will be going home just before bed. I will probably have the twins tomorrow so that Kevin can finish studying for his test on Monday.

    Have a great last couple of days. You are loved by so many Jamie. Be safe.


  68. Pam Curtis says:

    Hey something that Kaden and Makenna said. Kaden “Nana can you come to the airport with us to pick up mommy.” “No Kaden, I think this trip is just for your family.” Makenna “I have an idea. Nana you come and sit in the front seat with daddy and then mommy can sit in the back seat and cuddle with me all the way home.” SO CUTE.

  69. Jane says:

    Hello sweet niece! Wow -sounds like an amazing trip – it reminds me of the trips we made to Mexico and the orphanage we stayed at there. God be with you and your group as you finish your mission. Praying foe a safe trip home – I’d like to be a mouse and see the kids when you get in!
    Love ya!!

  70. Kevin says:

    Hey Jamie,

    Hope you had a great day. I am sure your last day at the clinic was one to remember. I hope you are able to enjoy your day of shopping tomorrow and a little time to rest at camp and getting ready to come home on Tuesday. I am sure you guys wont be getting to much sleep tomorrow night, I cant imagine what time you all have to get up Tuesday morning to get to the airport for a 9:10 departure. The kids are so excited for Tuesday and for me, I cant wait…. The weather here is going to warm up next week and is supposed to be in the 50’s this coming Friday. Well my health exam is tomorrow around 1pm, so if you get a chance to shoot a prayer up for me I would appreciate it, I am a little nervous about this one. But whats new! I hope you know I am so proud of you and the decision you made to go on this trip. I know it wasn’t easy for you or the rest of the family but it was well worth it… Love ya and happy Valentines Day 2 hrs and 21 minutes early… See ya soon, but not soon enough.


  71. Kevin says:

    Well, I have had enough studying for today… It is just past midnight here at home, I am not sure what time zone you are in but if I had to guess you would be on central time so maybe just past 11pm your time.. I was hoping to hear how your day went today before I called it quits for the night but you must not be back from clinic yet or you just cashed out and will update us all in the morning.. Either way, sleep well and enjoy your day tomorrow.. I will give the kids a valentines day hug and kiss from you..

    Happy Valentines Day. Its 12:01 am here..

    Love ya- goodnight….

  72. Debbi Rountree (mom) says:

    Happy Valentines Day to my baby girl! I have been blown away this past week by you. You have done some amazing things for God, things that we could have never imagined that you could do. You certainly have overcome that “Little miss no-sweat” image of your younger days. I am one proud mom. Can’t wait to hear how the kids react when they first see you. Love you so much!

  73. Jamie Curtis says:

    Happy Valentines Day!!! Sorry I wasn’t able to get on yestereday the internet was pretty much dead. We had another amazing day. It again was way different from the last. We had to head out about 11 to a village that was on a sugar cane plantation. Dan told us that sometimes when they go to a plantation they get kicked out because if the people get food they will then not work for days. We were there maybe an hour and the heaviest rain came down. There was only one small place to get protection from the rain and that is also where all the meds were being handed out. Needless to say we had at least 100 people huddled in this samll space for like 30 minutes. I was on the outside and my whole backside was drenched. It was a wet rest of the day. We prayed hard that God would stop the rain so that theses people would stay and get treated and hear the gospel. It did and they did!!! During the Jesus movie I was towards the back and there were these two old men from the village who came up to me, speaking spainsh. My friend Robin told me that they were saying how happy they were that we came and that it was important to then for their families to hear about Jesus, and that they would be praying for us and with us. I stayed over there during Hermano Jesus’ talk and they were yelling “amen” the entire time and the started praying Guatemalan style!! It was amazing to see how much they too wanted to see the rest of the village come to accept Christ. Several people did and many of them were children. Then on the van ride home we saw the most amazing thing….an active volcano with lava going down the side!!! Truly beautiful!!!!

    Anyways, Happy Valentines to my sweethearts!! I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!! Kevin I will be praying for you at 1, which is 12 here!!! I love you tons and am confident that you WILL do well!!! I hope to hear some good news later tonight!!! Jaimy thanks for the update. I was giggling out loud when I read your post. Yoou never know I might have an idea of something to get you!!! ;0)

    Love you all and see you tomorrow!! Nanalupe you are so welcome to come to the airport! I would love to see you and be able to snuggle my babes all the way home!!!

  74. Jamie Curtis says:

    Oh…I forgot to add onto the whole plantation thing. So there eneded up being these 3 guards across the road that had their serious faces on and their guns across their chest. Kinda intimidating!!! We were fearful they were going to kick us out. So we prayed. At the end of the night we took some bibles over to them and they said they too were Christians and prayed the prayer!!!! Awesome. So besides that and the the fact that our road that we came in on turned into a river for like a half an hour after the rain, there wasn’t too much excitement!! Just kidding!!! OHHHHHHH and there was a lady that came to the clinic that Dan asked Erin to listen for the heartbeat of her baby beacuse she was much bigger than he thought she should be. Well lets just say that there were two heartbeats. When Dan heard that and the heartrates he said “ahhhh a boy and a girl”. My heart was filled with joy to hear that. Later he said that since it was her first pregnancy it could be tough and insinuated that it may not turn out good. So that specific girl is going to be on my heart for the next few months!!!!

  75. Kevin says:

    Jamie.. Good to hear from you and I am glad yesterday was amazing. I had to schedule my exam today since they were closed over the weekend. And guess what, they don’t have any openings today. I am scheduled for tomorrow at 9am. So I guess I will have to get the kids ready early tomorrow and see if my mom can take them to school. I may be out in time to pick up the twins. Enjoy your last day and all the shopping you get to do. Love ya tons and we will see you tomorrow.

  76. Jim Maness says:

    Jaime – we miss seeing our cool neighbor friend this week but we are so thrilled that you are on the trip with the team.

    Kevin made it to the couples night as Chef Jeff’s special helper and he also helped me up front so he is in serving mode also. I am pretty sure he is looking forward to your return – even though the kids look great – he certainly can’t keep that up on his own much longer….

    We can’t wait to see you and hear the stories you have. Trust this last day will be mightily blessed. You are awesome! – Jim

  77. Amy Brandon says:

    I’m so happy to read your updates, Jamie, and see how incredible this experience is for you! I hope to follow in your footsteps! Can’t wait to see you later this week and hear more! Praying for an enjoyable day today and for safe travels tomorrow! ~A

  78. Wes Darling says:


    The Darling’s just wanted to drop a note to say we have been thinking about you and praying for you this week. We know God has done great things in and through you this week and will continue beyond this week. Safe travels! Also, I was thinking yesterday that with Kevin’s and my natual construction ability we should go down next year. We could put up all kinds of walls in a short period of time.

    God Bless!

  79. Kevin says:

    Hi mommy.. I only got one wrong on my spelling pre-test. The word was always, I did an extra ‘l’ in always. I miss you very much and I cant wait to see you at the airport. I have a special surprise for you.

    Love you,

  80. Debbi Rountree (mom) says:

    Happy Valentines Day to my baby girl!! You have made my Valentine’s day so special this year. God has used you in ways that I could never have imagined. Of course the nail polish thing didn’t surprise me, nor did your ability to have fun with those young girls. I know that you left an awesome Christian example for them. And I would love to have you bring one of those little babies home…..one can never have too many grandkids. Dad has talked about wanting to do a mission trip with you. He’s always wanted to go on a mission trip just like this one. You are an amazing Christian. I know of 3 kids who are going to be so excited tomorrow…and a “big” kid who is going to be so happy to see his wife. Will talk to you when you get home. Love you!!!

  81. Pam Curtis says:

    Sleep with the angels tonight Jamie. Love ya.

  82. Jamie Curtis says:

    Makenna~ mommy is so proud of you!!!! I think you deserve a bean or 4!!!!!

    We just back from shopping and of course I bought just a few things. I cannot wait to give my three little sweetie’s and big honey hugs and kisses, then give them presents!!!!!!! I love you all and thank you all for praying for us this week. This will be my last time on the computer since we have to leave herre at like 3 or 4!!!!!!!!

    This has truly been a life changing trip and though I am ready to head home, a part of me will always remain here. So much has happen this week and God is still doing so much in me. I am so thankful for the people who prayed beforeand during this trip. I would propbably have not made the trip had you not prayed. Thank you all and thanks for any help with the kids and Kevin.


  83. Kevin says:

    Proud of you honey.. See ya soon.

  84. Jamie Curtis says:

    Hey Kev if you get this can you bring my winter coat please? All of my sweatshirts are yuck and I will freeze when I get home. Thanks babe!!!

  85. Kevin says:

    Got it…….

  86. Chris Harmsen says:

    Jamie…I have LOVED reading your updates from Guatemala!!!! We pray for you daily and LOVE the work that you are doing there! If you get the urge to love on some *Guatemala kids*…you got one right next door! Miss you!!!!

  87. Jan Rotman says:

    Mi Amiga–Thank you for the compliments! Other than my husband–you were the bestest bunk mate ever! I had so much fun with you and your awesome daughter–see you next week back in MI. i love you my friend! Via con Dios!—Jan

  88. Sandy Marsman says:

    My eyes are filled with tears as I read your posts! I am so happy that you got to experience this trip. Just hearing about praying “Guatemala style” makes me smile! Loved it, but never made it through without chills and getting choked up!! It has been fun to read your blog and see what a truly amazing family you have. You are so blessed! Can’t wait to see you and hear your stories at our next accountability group!!

  89. Jan says:

    Hola Jamie-
    Been thinking about you and missing you! It is much quieter here with everyone gone. I cleaned the ladies dorm yesterday–toilets and showers today, benn workin on those nasty shower baskets too. After lunch today i am going with Heidi to a village and take pictures of people for their medical files. I don’t know if I will get a chance to see Amy at the women’s shelter–I would really like to do that.
    Thanks for letting me know about Joslyn’s daughter-in-law.
    Love you sister and friend!—Jan

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