Jon De Jong


5 Responses to Jon De Jong

  1. Justin says:

    praying that you have a great time and that the Lord will show you many things…..remember, on your free day in Antigua, that city has many various kinds of beautiful jewelry shops….I’m not saying, just saying that the ratio is 8 to 1……..

  2. Amanda Dykstra says:

    Hey Jon! I’m so glad that you have found a passion for the people of Guatemala and that you are called to be there! Praying that you have a good week and that God uses you in mighty ways!

  3. Jon says:

    Justin: not funny, but sort of funny, and thank you for the good wishes and blessings, they are much appreciated.

    Amanda: Thanks for the prayers.

    All: We are doing well and God is GREAT

  4. Dana vink says:

    Hi Jon,

    Looks like you’re all having a wonderful & meaningful time! I’m sure you’re taking good care of our daughter, as promised. : )

    Were praying for you all daily!

    The vink family

  5. Mom says:

    Hi Jon!!
    Sounds like you are getting a lot of work done and having an amazing experience! We had a great weekend in Des Moines and the whole gang says HI to you and Karis! We are praying for safe travels tomorrow.

    Love you!
    Dad and Mom

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